RAB Shipping Limited operates the fleet of bulk carriers, offering stable, mass-volume transport of dry bulk cargo. We meet various customer needs with a range of specialized carriers designed and constructed for each cargo’s characteristics and conditions at loading/unloading ports. With bulk carriers of all sizes, we have the flexibility to meet different customer needs and provide top-quality service.

Bulk Carriers

Specialized Carriers designed, for heavy raw material like Iron Ore , Coal etc , are used for , transporting to , Steel Manufacturing Plants, at China. High Volume , Light Weight , Wood Chips are carried thru , Specially Designed Large Volume Space , Single Hulled (Inner Layer only) Vessels , for supply to Paper Producers , at Japan and Hong Kong. . Heavy Lifters are operated for transport of large size machinery and plant equipment, indispensable for industrial growth, of developing economies.

Energy Carriers

 Double Hulled , Energy Carriers / Tankers , with Inner and Outer Layered , Surroundings , for Safety against Leakage , are used , for transport of Crude Oil , LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) , LCP(Liquefied Chemical Products) , LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) etc, from Middle East to Asian Countries.


Diversified Customer Needs are met by , combining RAB Shipping’s Network of Container Transport and Logistic Services , at Dubai , India , Nigeria and London , along with Strategic Tie-ups with Logistic Partners at Japan , Hong Kong , China and USA .

Global Consolidated Service Package from Manufacturing Plants to Sale-Counters

Enhanced Consolidated Service is offered on Turnkey basis Linking the Ordered Items from Manufacturing Plants at India , Africa , Nigeria and Middle East or thru Direct Imports , wherever required , to , Consolidation at Logistic Warehouse/s for Loading at Source Country Port/s , to Final Unloading , Storage and Movement across Destination Country’s like China , Japan and Hong Kong’s Inland Ground Transport Network of Port/s , Logistic Warehouse/s and Sale – Counters.


The Propriety , Global Logistics Management ERP Solution , of RAB Shipping Ltd , not only , designs and provides customized Global Logistics Solution , but also monitors Real Time Tracking and Schedule , of the Shipments , accessible to our Clients , through Internet.


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